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Dog Training Books
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If you are just embarking on the great adventure of tracking with your dog, you will find PLENTY of useful information about how to get started, and how to teach and then test the skills of your new problem solving partnership. And if you've been tracking for some time now—even for a very long time—you'll find much MORE than you ever thought possible!

"If you can take away one small idea from this book and successfully incorporate it into your partnership with your dog... and if this one small idea makes a positive difference in either your training or your relationship with your dog, then I am well pleased" — Betty A. Mueller

ISBN 978-1-888994-22-3   $24.95

“I’ve read every tracking book there is, and this one fills a huge gap in the tracking literature. I really, really like it, and LOVE the emphasis on the relationship between dog and handler!” — Dani Weinberg, author of Teaching People Teaching Dogs
“This is the book I would have written if you hadn’t already done it... it offers so much more than other books.” Mary Thompson, Tracking Judge (TD, TDX, VST) and author of Off to a Good Start
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